KSK Railroad

KSK Railroad has a lot of different rail cars and Opa and Nana took the time to see as many as they could.


The first snuck up behind us.

Well for a train it didn’t really sneak, we just weren’t paying attention until it was just behind us.

Scared the ‘toot’ out of Nana.


Once we pulled ourselves together we wandered over to the rail yard where we noticed a Canadian Pacific car that had a window cut right into the middle of the logo.

Why would they have done that?


The question went unanswered as we were distracted by the trolley arriving.


We hopped on board for a quick tour around.


Wow look at this restaurant made from an old dining car.  Nana said she bet the food is ‘choo-choo delicious’.  Opa didn’t laugh.


The train station was a little quiet, must be between trains.


Nana’s favourite train car was this one from Disney.


She had to get a selfie with Mickey.

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