Coombs & Comox Valley Railway Part 1

What a welcome we had at the Coombs & Comox Valley Railway.  We had read a lot about this railway and were looking forward to exploring the many sights.


The first place we wanted to see was the still active mine.


And how excited we were to see our nephew Ned working there.  He was hauling out loads of rock hoping to strike it rich.  Not sure if he was hoping to find gold, silver or diamonds but it was keeping him busy and out of trouble.


We headed into the old town next and could hear bells ringing.  Nana had to stop and wish the newlyweds good luck.


Walking further along we came to the downtown and was going to visit the hardware store but Opa got distracted.


He was distracted by the girls hanging out on the balcony above us.


Nana was able to distract him by pointing out an old caboose  right around the corner.


Opa got really excited when he saw the turntable and engine shed next to it.  He threw safety to the wind and climbed aboard for a ride.  Opa wore the biggest smile.


It took a bit of work but Nana finally got Opa away from the turntable and on their way.  They could hear water and saw an elusive moose making it’s way past the water wheel.


But what amazed them was the giant fish in the lake.  They thought it must be a cousin of Ogoopoogoo.

We’ll be back soon to show you the rest of Angus’s Coombs & Comox Valley Railway.   Stay tuned.


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