Coombs & Comox Valley Railway Part 2


In the previous post we left off with Opa and Nana checking out the big fish in the lake at Angus’ Coombs & Comox Valley Railway.

As they sat there they heard the train coming so decided to take a walk down the line.


It was a beautiful day to stroll past the farms but they should know better than walking on a trestle.


Sure enough a train was coming.

They quickly made it safely across and stopped to visit with the horses while it passed.

This train goes through an old growth forest and we mean right through as you can see in the picture above.



They decided that that train came a little close for comfort so headed in to town to see if they could take a train ride around for a better (and safer) view.

The train wound up and around a mountain to the very top.


Look at the view out the window as they climbed the mountain.


At the top they got off for some refreshments at the little cafe.  There was even a musician playing his guitar for them.


Excited Opa jumped on the back of the train to ride with some new friends.


They finished off their day with a coffee and donut from the local coffee shop.