Welcome to Cougar Rock Rail


After their visit to the Coombs & Comox Railway, Opa and Nana bought tickets for the train to visit Keith and Elisabeth, at Courgar Rock Rail.

Taking the train gave them a wonderful perspective of the layout and a chance to see many of the highlights.









                                                         The small village that they arrived at reminded them of Switzerland.


They filled up their water bottles and began a hike up the mountain.


Opa is always interested in stopping to learn about the history of the tracks they are visiting.


Half way up they got to see the train in action as it sped through a snow shed.

              Higher up the mountain they saw a church and heard some alpenhorns.                       What a wonderful sound echoing through the hills.


Farther up the mountain they stumbled on to a beer fest.

It was a delight to have a refreshing drink after the hot hike.


They got into the spirit of the Alps and tried on lederhosen and a dirndl dress.

Or maybe it was too much beer that inspired them.

After a wonderful day trekking through the Swiss countryside they decided to stay at a lovely B&B before heading on their next adventure.